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Nissan Breaks Yet Another Electric Vehicle Milestone: 550 EV Taxis

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Taxi Electric LEAFs

It’s no secret that Nissan has been working hard for electric vehicles. In addition to producing the highly successful Nissan LEAF, Nissan has recently been working feverishly with partner Renault to provide a fleet of electric vehicles for the upcoming UN Climate Change conference in Paris (as well as the charging stations to power it), and even running smaller projects (like offering free LEAFs to certain Canadian condo buyers) to promote zero-emission vehicles.

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Now, Nissan has passed yet another milestone in the production and use of electric vehicles: after selling 65 Nissan LEAFs to Green Lite Taxi Kft. (a Hungarian taxi company), Nissan now has 550 all-electric taxis on the road, making Nissan Europe’s best-selling electric taxi manufacturer.

Taxi drivers are some of the most demanding drivers of their cars, given the high mileage placed on each vehicle, which Nissan said reinforces the brand’s electric vehicle reliability and versatility.

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For its part, Green Lite Taxi Kft. seems very excited about the purchase. Örs Lévay, CEO, said, “We are delighted to be the first taxi company in Hungary to go 100 percent electric and the 199 km range means we only need to charge our taxis once during a shift. Along with the large savings on fuel and maintenance, the Nissan LEAF is very smooth to drive and almost silent, which means a more enjoyable journey for my customers and the drivers say typical 10 hour shifts are less tiresome.”

With this order, Green Lite now has the largest fleet of zero-emissions vehicles in Hungary, and to support this endeavor, Lévay has installed seven quick chargers around Budapest, where the service is stationed.