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Nissan Celebrates Female Olympians

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Nissan's She Dares campaign

The Rio Olympics are over, and everyone has gone home with their medals. Nissan was the chief vehicle sponsor of this Olympiad, and it enjoyed being part of the action (and cheering on its favorite runner, Usain Bolt). Leading up to the Rio Games, the automaker asked the world “Who Goes Beyond?”, and it believes it found the answer: the female athletes of Rio.

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More specifically, Nissan answered with a hashtag, #SHEDARES. During the Olympics, Nissan was around town asking people what women dare to do. There were shirts with “She Dares” on it in English, as well as those with the Portuguese and Japanese translations. Men and women filled out cards to say what women dared to do, and they were photographed with their answers, which Nissan posted on a special Tumblr blog. Athletes like Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson visited Nissan’s setup to answer the question as well (Johnson-Thompson said that “She Dares To Never Stop”).

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It’s not surprising that Nissan chose to highlight women during this Olympic Games. While there were not more sports for women than men, many of the high-profile athletes and achievements this time around belonged to the women. This is especially true for Team USA, as the women’s gymnastics team was highly publicized and dominated in its events. Yes, Michael Phelps continued to rule the pool, but there was also Katie Ledecky setting world records, and Simone Manuel was the first African-American woman to win an individual gold swimming medal at the Olympic Games.

It’s great to see an automaker supporting women, beyond the usual breast cancer campaigns in October. Hopefully the focus on female athletics will continue.