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Nissan Celebrates the 500,000th LEAF

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Nissan Leaf Plus
Photo: Nissan

Just in time for World EV Day on Sept. 8, Nissan celebrated the 500,000th LEAF rolling off its assembly line. This milestone model came out of the production plant in Sunderland, England. Since the plant built its first LEAF back in 2013, it’s crafted more than 175,000 of these affordable EVs.

The landmark LEAF found a home with Maria Jansen, who lives in Norway. She and her husband bough their first LEAF back in 2018. The couple loved it so much, they wanted to add an extended-range model to their family.

Ready to Go Green? Shop for a LEAF

Playing a role in a cleaner, greener future

2020 Nissan LEAF
2020 Nissan LEAF
Photo: Nissan

When the Nissan LEAF hit the market in 2010, it made a splash as the world’s first mass-market EV. And over the past decade, those 500,000 LEAF models have driven over nine billion zero-emission miles. That amounts to a savings of about 5.3 billion pounds of carbon emissions.

Over the last decade, the Nissan LEAF won a Car of the Year Award in Europe in 2011, Car of the Year Japan in 2011 and 2012, and the World Car of the Year 2011. It continues to rack up accolades as the years go by, like the 2020 Green Car of the Year Award.

The LEAF looks to have a bright future ahead of it. Due to the pandemic-related lockdowns around the world, there was a temporary reduction in carbon emissions. European surveys show that nearly 70 percent of people would like to take measures to maintain this cleaner, healthier standard of air quality.

Helen Perry, the head of electric passenger cars and infrastructure at Nissan Europe, explains that drivers want to do their part to reduce both noise and air pollution. With its affordable price tag, zero-emission powertrain, and silent operation, she believes the LEAF will help drivers go green and stay mobile. The standard 2020 Nissan LEAF 149 miles on a full charge, while the LEAF PLUS maxes out at 226 miles.

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