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Nissan Congratulates Usain Bolt

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Usain Bolt Fire Race Poster - Nissan

This poster is made entirely of matches

Last month, we talked about a video that Nissan released showing Olympic Track & Field star Usain Bolt taking on a literal race against the elements. The video showed a crew creating a fictional device that would send flames racing down a track. Bolt then sets himself in the starting blocks and the race begins. Nissan promised a conclusion to the story at the Rio Olympics, and they delivered this week after Usain Bolt became the only man in history to win the 100m race three times in a row.

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While the new commercial shows Usain Bolt running against time and fire, the video doesn’t really show if Usain or the flames won the race. The time clock simply flashes to the word WIN, and then the commercial concludes by congratulating the fastest man alive on his latest victories. The title of the video, Nissan | Bolt Vs Flame – Win suggests that there could be another commercial we will never see that was prepared in case the Olympian failed to medal during the Olympic Games.

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The video was created for Nissan Brasil, and is just the latest way that Nissan has celebrated the decorated runner, aptly called the Fastest Man in the World. The athlete is also Nissan’s “Director of Excitement”, and he proudly drives a gold Nissan GT-R in his home country of Jamaica. While the athlete has announced that this is his last Olympic Games, there’s no doubt that we will continue to see him at high-profile Nissan events.