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Nissan Conserves 6.1 Million Liters of Water with Foam Car Wash

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Nissan’s Advanced Foam Wash technique used in India saves 6.1 million liters of water
Photo: Nissan

By employing an innovative car wash technique over the past three years, Nissan in India has been able to save 6.1 million liters of water.

The advanced Foam Wash technique has been used at service centers and requires a significantly less amount of water than a regular car wash.

According to Nissan, “Traditional car washes generally require around 160 liters of water to clean one car. The Foam Wash technique, introduced in 2014 at Nissan service centers, uses only 90 liters of water per car, which reduces water consumption by 45 percent. The amount of water saved by the company is equivalent to the water consumption of around 25,000 households in India for one day.”

According to Nissan, the utilization of the foam car wash system is another example of “Nissan’s commitment to deliver sustainable mobility to customers and society.”

Since the advanced Foam Wash technique is currently only available in India, you might want to consider the car washing tools recommended by professional detailer Larry Kosilla featured on to make your next car wash as effective as possible.

Waffle-weave glass towels are microfiber towels engineered to clean glass, according to Kosilla who warns against using them on paint.

To lift dirt away from your car’s paint and minimize scratches, Kosilla recommends the Merino, or lambswool wash mitts. To remove every drop of water from your car, use an electric blower to make compressed air do the drying work for you.

To minimize dirt being transferred back to the car from the rinse or wash bucket, use a grit guard, which adheres to the buckets’ bottoms and traps dirt; and a washboard, which gives the washer a chance to “scrub” his mitt and prevent spreading extra dirt during the car wash process, according to Kosilla and the staff at

News Source: Nissan, Autoblog