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Nissan Has Record Year in 2015

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Nissan had a great sales year in Europe, and it seems as if the good fortune has spread to Nissan North America.  The automaker saw a record December for sales, as well as a all-time record for all of 2015.

In December, the Nissan auto group sold a total of 139,300 vehicles. This is up 18.7% from the 117,318 cars that the brand sold in December of 2014. Most of those vehicles, 124,207, carried the Nissan badge. 15,093 of the vehicles Nissan sold in December were luxury Infiniti vehicles. Infiniti sales in December alone rose 25.7% over 2014.

For the whole year, Nissan sold 1,484,918 vehicles, a new all-time record for the Japanese automaker in the United States. This number is also up 7.1% from the 1,386,895 vehicles sold in 2014. In terms of the two Nissan brands, Infiniti saw a 13.8 increase in sales for all of 2015, and Nissan saw an increase of 6.4%.

The bestselling car of the year from the Nissan group in America was the Nissan Altima, followed by the Nissan Rogue and the Nissan Sentra. Cars on the American road still have a higher average age than ever before, so hopefully the sales growth can be sustained in 2016. It doesn’t hurt that Nissan is constantly innovating, and has several new technologies and vehicles to be excited about.