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Nissan Has The Ultimate Gift for New GT-R Owners

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2017 Nissan GT-R

We all aspire to find the ultimate gift under the tree on Christmas morning. When we were a kid, it usually was a bike, or the more ambitious of us might have wished for a pony. Adults wishing for horsepower of a completely different type will be happy to know that Nissan just made the purchase of a new Nissan GT-R so much sweeter.

From now until March 31st, 2017, all customers who purchase a 2017 Nissan GT-R can head to the famous Virginia International Raceway for free on-track instruction. Considering how many people buy the Nissan GT-R as a status symbol, but are not ready for the power it offers, this gift is a good thing for both new car owners and the people on the road around them.

Eligible Nissan GT-R purchasers will complete break-in procedures with their vehicles to ensure that they are ready for the track, and then they will bring their cars to Virginia. This is fairly unique, as driving schools usually make students use the institution’s vehicles. The opportunity to drive their own cars will mean that owners will become more comfortable with their own vehicle, instead of the driving theory only. The cars used will also retain their manufacturer’s warranty during and after the experience, which is rare.

Attendees will drive one of a possible five track configurations at Virginia International Raceway with a performance driving instructor.

Drivers interested in taking advantage of this opportunity will need to take delivery of their vehicle, where they will receive instructions about how to reserve their track time. Nissan encourages attendees to explore the vibrant area around the track as well and make a vacation out of it. Be honest, will you be saving your holiday cash now to finally commit to the Nissan GT-R?