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Nissan Issues Bumper Cover Repair Warning

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2016-nissan-maxima-rear-bumper-diffuser-largeIf you look on the rear bumper of a vehicle with rear parking sensors or blind spot warning technology, you will probably notice two (or more) small circles in the bumper that look like screw covers or tiny adornments. The truth of the matter is that these are radars that the car uses to see, and are highly calibrated pieces of equipment. Their placement on the vulnerable bumper has made it necessary for Nissan to warn drivers of improper repairs.

When a car is involved in a fender bender, it usually means that bumper work is required. In older cars, the work is a breeze that sometimes does not require a new part, but rather just some work with paint and heat. That kind of work has the potential to damage the sensors, either by covering them with paint or knocking them out of calibration. Nissan has issued a position statement that it will not “support any repair, body filler application or paint work on the rear bumper cover in the general area of the side radars.”

The manufacturer recommends that a new bumper cover should be purchased for a damaged vehicle, instead of attempting repair. This is rather convenient for Nissan, because this will probably give them more money from the purchase of new parts, but it’s also a valid advisory. Nissan drivers might be unaware that there is an issue with their sensors, and will proceed with vehicle operation unawares. That means that they could back out into traffic and be involved in another accident if their car does not alert them to the traffic coming towards them.

If you own a newer car, you need to accept that the advanced technology you have come to love about your purchase means that you have to invest more in repairs. In the long run, it will be worth it to protect your vehicle.

News Source: Fender Bender