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Nissan LEAF Buyers Can Pedal Their Way to Free Charging

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Nissan’s sustainable mobility efforts center in Rome and its partnership with the “DinamoBike – enjoy your power” project.

Nissan continues to propel sustainable mobility forward. This time, its efforts center in Rome and its partnership with the “DinamoBike—enjoy your power” project. The project is designed to harness the “kinetic energy produced by the rotary movement of pedals into energy,” according to Nissan.

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By simply riding the bikes available at a special platform at the Circolo Paolo Rosi Sports Center located in the city of Rome, riders will get a great cardio workout and generate clean energy simultaneously. To entice riders and prospective buyers of the Nissan LEAF—Nissan’s all-electric vehicle (EV)—Nissan is adding a few incentives to this bike-riding clean-energy producing project. (Not that helping the environment or improving cardiovascular health aren’t incentive enough.)

According to Nissan, “DinamoBikers” who pedal away for “at least 10 minutes, consume energy at the DinamoBike Café and decide to purchase a Nissan LEAF* will get a discount on the purchase price, plus two years of free energy to recharge their 100% electric vehicle.”

To take advantage of the discount, prospective buyers have until July 6, 2018, to make their Nissan LEAF purchase; they will need to provide proof on the day of purchase of their participation in the project, reports Nissan.

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In addition to the discount, DinamoBikers will have the chance to experience the zero-emission mobility of a Nissan LEAF by taking advantage of its project-related shuttle service to the heart of Rome.

According to Nissan, the Nissan LEAF is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, having sold more than 270,000 units, and the 2017 LEAF has an EPA-estimated range of approximately 107 miles. Standard in all three 2017 trim levels—S, SV, and SL—is a 30 kWH battery, which can be “quick-charged to 80% (from the low battery charge warning) in about 30 minutes.”

*An additional discount of 1,000 euros on a Nissan LEAF purchase will be applied for those who display proof of having produced clean energy at the Paolo Rosi Sports Center. The calculation takes into account the following: the average distance of an electric vehicle driver is 15,000 km per year; for 15,000 km per year, 2,250 kWh is required; to travel 30,000 km over two years, you need 4,500 kWh; the average cost of energy in Italy for private contracts is 0,2 € / kWh; the cost paid is €900 in the form of a purchase discount, equivalent to two years of energy. The offer is valid from July 7, 2017 to July 6, 2018 at all participating Nissan dealers in Rome.