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Nissan LEAF Driving European Marathon

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2019 Nissan LEAFWhen you ask someone why they don’t drive an electric car, a lot of them bring up something about short battery range or low performance. To help shed the misconceptions surrounding EV adoption, the Electric Marathon is currently winding its way through Europe to showcase exactly what these cutting-edge vehicles can do, and the Nissan LEAF is leading the way.

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Six teams helmed by universities from six different countries are competing in the marathon with identical Nissan LEAF 40 kWh models, driving through 37 cities in 10 countries. The race started with a prologue in Helsinki, Finland and officially kicked off in Tallinn, Estonia on Sept. 18. Prince Albert II of Monaco patronized the whole event, so it is set to finish this Saturday, Sept. 29, in the square in front of the Prince’s Palace in Monaco.  The route is also significant because it traces the original roads of the famous Tallinn-Monte Carlo Rally of the 1930s.

The race is divided into stages to allow both drivers and cars to recharge. Besides the regulated group of university participants, there is also an open class for any EV driver to participate in. Drivers who join in that group can drive in just a few stages or the whole race, so if you have an EV near Monaco and you’re itching to get in on the action, it’s not too late.

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The new LEAF is our icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility and an important step towards Nissan’s vision to deliver sustainable mobility for all,” said Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe. “Seeing our 100% electric Nissan LEAF starting such a marathon is a true testament of how versatile this car can be.”

If you’re intrigued by this race, consider visiting a Nissan dealership and take a closer look at the Nissan LEAF EV for yourself.