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The Nissan Note NISMO Looks Like a Fun Little Hot Hatch

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NISSAN NOTE NISMOBack when Nissan announced the Pulsar for Europe, we mentioned the idea of bringing the hatchback stateside, putting a turbo four in it, giving it a NISMO badge, and letting all of the money roll in. It’s not the Pulsar, but the Note NISMO, which will be available in Japan latter this fall, would fill that void in a pinch.

NISSAN NOTE NISMO“The Note NISMO we introduced [Wednesday] is truly symbolic to the NISMO brand in that it represents the fusion between motorsports that’s embedded in NISMO’s DNA and the success of the Note as a mass production vehicle,” said NISMO President and CEO Shoichi Miyatani. “NISMO strives to offer a whole new experience of excitement. We are hoping that the Note NISMO will enable us to spread the spirit of NISMO to new consumers and adds to our existing customer base,”

The Note NISMO will get sport-tuned suspension and aerodynamics in order to provide a more balanced performance; unique front grille, front and rear bumpers, side sill protectors, and roof spoiler; and improved body rigidity.

Gallery: Nissan Note NISMO Interior

There will also be a Note NISMO S, which gets a sport-tuned engine with five-speed manual and standard sports seats with the option to upgrade to factory-installed Recaro seats. There’s no word as to what engine the Note NISMO S will be getting, but if it generates 200 or more horsepower, we’d be just fine with that.

Nissan has not divulged any plans to make the Note NISMO available outside of Japan, and that’s a crying shame. There’s plenty of room for your hot hatches in America, Nissan. Bring ‘em on over.

Source: Nissan Global