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Nissan Opens Glitzy New Showroom In Tokyo

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Many Americans might forget that, while Nissan is a somewhat young brand in the United States (compared to homegrown cars like Ford and Chevrolet), the automaker has a vibrant classic past of its own in Japan. From 1963-2004, Nissan occupied a prized space in the high-class Ginza district of the country’s capital. Called the “Nissan Gallery,” this landmark was also home to a flock of female models to show off the latest and greatest Nissan Fairlady. After a two-year break, Nissan is back in the district with a new showroom and a new name, “Nissan Crossing.”

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The building housing Nissan Crossing is covered in a modern, white latticework, and the inside is a showroom that seems to resemble the flashy displays Nissan sets up at big auto shows. Each vehicle has a circle or pedestal all its own, with dramatic lighting. In the case of the Nissan LEAF, the lighting actually throws a pattern on the white paint, perhaps inspiring a future owner to customize their electric vehicle.


According to the Nissan corporate blog, the space is meant to not only display the cars Nissan has for sale now, but show off the technology coming in the future. For example, visitors will now have the opportunity to learn more about Intelligent Mobility and autonomous driving at the facility. Next to the doors, and centrally located on the pedestrian corner of the street, The Cylinder provides an excellent public display case for new concept models or older classics.

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This Nissan Crossing space seems to mirror efforts by luxury brands like Lexus and Audi to offer luxurious, non-dealership showrooms to admire products and technology in. We wonder if this idea will continue to spread around the world, to allow shoppers to brows in a low-pressure atmosphere.

News Source: Nissan Corporate Blog