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Nissan Tests New, Heat-Resistant Battery for the LEAF

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Heat-Resistant Battery for the LEAF

We could see a heat-resistant battery for the LEAF in the future.

Nissan has found itself in some hot water recently because its Nissan LEAF is having some difficulty in extreme heat.  The lithium-ion battery pack powering the LEAF would degrade more quickly in high temperatures, which is causing headaches for some of Nissan’s customers who have to battle the heat.

The problem hasn’t affected a large number of LEAF customers, but Nissan still views it as a problem.  To solve it, the Japanese automaker recently began testing a new lithium-ion cell in extreme heat conditions, and even invited 10 LEAF owner affected by the issue to a meeting in Phoenix to discuss how to resolve it.

In Arizona, pavement temperatures in the summer can reach as high as 140 degrees.  Nissan has ensured its customers that the testing conditions are much hotter, and the results have been very positive.

“We are really optimistic about the results,” said Billy Hayes, Nissan’s vice president for global electric-car sales, at the Phoenix event.  Nissan hopes to outfit all of its new LEAFs with the new batteries by next April, and will replace the old batteries for all LEAF owners under warranty.

If you are driving a Nissan LEAF, have you had any issues with heat or anything else?

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