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Nissan Titan Ready To Drive With The Big Boys

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2017 Nissan Titan PRO-4XWhen it comes to trucks, the American auto market is a scary place. The top three bestselling vehicles of 2016 were the main pickup trucks of the Big Three automakers, so to take market share away from any of those would require a drastic change in how America buys vehicles. According to The Drive, Nissan has a plan up its sleeve to enchant the American public and convince them to buy a Japanese truck.

In 2016, a refreshed Nissan Titan was revealed but it has had a hard time finding a fan base because truck drivers are some of the most loyal car owners in the country. Instead of trying to change the whole nation’s mind, Nissan will be spending most of its marketing dollars in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas, and Houston, which are hubs in parts of the United States where truck culture is dominant. After it increases sales and performance in that region, it will reportedly expand the scope gradually larger until the Nissan Titan is being promoted nationwide. This strategy is important because it shows that Nissan knows it will not be able dethrone one of the Detroit Three trucks, or at least not at first. By making sure area dealerships in the concentrated areas are well-versed about the truck lineup and have access to ample inventory, Nissan hopes to slowly grow its market share in a more meaningful way.

Right now, Nissan is reportedly aiming for fourth place in the truck market. If it is able to unite the drivers of the smaller brands behind its truck, Nissan feels as if it will be better prepared to take on one of the Detroit trucks. We wish Nissan all the best in its quest to take out the giants.

News Source: The Drive