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No Way to Turn Off Auto Engine Stop-Start System for the Chevrolet Blazer

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The auto engine stop-start system is unavoidable for the Chevrolet Blazer

The auto engine stop-start system available in many GM vehicles is something of a controversial feature. While many appreciate its fuel-saving nature, others find the process unnerving.

Unfortunately for the latter group, the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer reportedly has no way to turn off the stop-start feature.

A representative for GM confirmed as much to GM Authority earlier this month.

“We do not offer the option to disable Start/Stop on the 2019 Blazer,” confirmed Maureen Bender, Chevrolet Communications.

The Blazer isn’t the only GM model where there is no way to disable auto engine stop-start. Other models that fall into that category include the Cadillac XT5 and the GMC Acadia.

Conversely, a few GM models do allow drivers to switch off the function. The 2019 Chevrolet Cruze provides drivers with a way to disable the stop-start system, even though the 2018 model did not allow drivers to do so.

The engine stop-start system shuts down the engine whenever the vehicle comes to a complete stop. When the driver lifts their foot off of the brake pedal, the engine automatically springs back to life. In this way, the vehicle equipped with the system saves fuel that it would have otherwise lost idling.

There are ways to circumnavigate the system, but these methods are often temporary or can even cause lasting damage to the Blazer’s powertrain. With plans in place to add stop-start technology to most of the GM lineup during the next few years, it would appear this a technology that GM customers will have to grow accustomed to.

News Source: GM Authority