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Only One EV Received an IHS Automotive Loyalty Award: The Nissan LEAF

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2015 Nissan LEAF

2014 was an absolutely outstanding year for the Nissan LEAF. After becoming the first electric vehicle to sell more than 30,000 units in a single year, the LEAF was recognized in the annual IHS Automotive Loyalty Awards, where it was named best Non-Luxury Traditional Compact Car. Out of all of the vehicles honored during the ceremony at the North American International Auto Show last month, the LEAF was the only EV on the list. When you’re trying to prove that the EV is an equal alternative to gas powered cars, winning loyalty awards goes a long way.

These Automotive Loyalty Awards recognize manufacturers that retain owners over multiple buying cycles. In the Non-Luxury Traditional Compact Car class, they found that Nissan LEAF owners were most likely to purchase another Nissan.

Nissan LEAF

Toby Perry, director of marketing for the LEAF, said, “While the majority of original buyers were electric vehicle enthusiasts, we’re now seeing more and more ‘regular’ car buyers fall in love with LEAF because of its many financial benefits, fun-to-drive nature and roomy interior.”

Thanks to the federal tax credit that can reduce EV prices by up to $7,500, the discounted price of a LEAF is only $22,000. Not bad for a commuter car that barely costs anything to drive! After Nissan’s partnership with NASA is up, you might not even have to drive it.

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