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The Perfect Christmas Gifts for NASCAR Fans

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Christmas is actually creeping up on us quite quickly, so now is the time to begin to plan out what to buy for everybody. If you’ve got any NASCAR-obsessed friends or family members that you’re struggling to buy for, we’ve got you covered. And we’re not talking about the hackneyed idea of getting them a Dale Jr. tee-shirt or a Jeff Gordon hat. We mean full on awesome Christmas gifts for NASCAR fans. Check out our six best ideas:

6 Christmas Gifts for NASCAR Fans

Christmas Gifts for NASCAR Fans | Trading CardsNASCAR Trading Cards

We know what you’re thinking? Aren’t we all a little old to be collecting trading cards? The resounding answer: absolutely not. Some people just like to collect things, and what better thing for a NASCAR fan to collect than actual NASCAR trading cards?


Christmas Gifts for NASCAR Fans | Chicken SoupChicken Soup for the NASCAR Soul

This makes a good gift for any fan in touch with his or her sensitive side—or for anyone who just spends a lot of time on the crapper. The book contains a number of stories by NASCAR legends about themes such as courage and adversity.


Christmas Gifts for NASCAR Fans | Video GameNASCAR ’14 for PS3

If you’ve got a gamer in the family who also happens to love NASCAR, chances are, he or she would love you forever for this game.


Christmas Gifts for NASCAR Fans | MonopolyMy Fantasy Drivers Monopoly

Everyone loves to hate Monopoly, but it is a good way to pass the time. The special editions always make the experience more exciting—and what’s more exciting than high speed motorsports fused with a six-hour board game?


Christmas Gifts for NASCAR Fans | TailgatingTailgating Essentials

If your loved one hits up a couple races every year and likes to tailgate before the event, consider buying some tailgating supplies. You’d be surprised at what you could find online: everything from NASCAR shot glasses to ice buckets to crock pots to grill covers and more.


Christmas Gifts for NASCAR Fans | Ride AlongA Ride Along

For just 150 bucks, you can get your favorite NASCAR fan the opportunity of a lifetime—a ride along (shotgun, of course) in a stock car with a professional instructor.