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Porsche Gets Passive Aggressive in New Video Explaining Brake Squeal

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Porsche Brakes

Brake squeal is an uncomfortable and disconcerting noise, so it’s no surprise that car owners would complain about it. However, Porsche must get a lot of customers who do just that, because it apparently felt compelled to release a new video that explains why some brake squealing should be expected.

As Porsche explains, even its state-of-the-art brakes—which the video goes to great pains to highlight use only the best materials and designs—will squeal under normal circumstances. This is because pressing a pad against a metal disc that is spinning at extremely high speeds will inevitably cause tiny vibrations that essentially turn the disc into a speaker.

What’s more, the bigger and stronger the brakes, the more the phenomenon is likely to occur, which explains why the massive, high-performance brakes used on Porsche cars can sound, under braking, like the old beater your Appalachian cousin just brought back from the junkyard.

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Porsche also wants you to know that it will always prioritize performance before noise reduction, so if the former compromises the latter…well, the message is clear: deal with it. That being said, the German company does claim to be hard at work on mitigating braking squealing, but concludes that because of the various environmental conditions, “some squealing is inevitable.”

So remember—if your new car’s brakes make a squealing noise, it’s not necessarily a sign that it came out of the factory in a faulty state. In other words, if you’re one of the folk fortunate enough to own a 911 or a Panamera or more likely a Cayenne…stop complaining to Porsche about it. It’s just cool, if annoyingly noisy, science. (But if the brakes then proceed to grind and not slow you down, then you might want to rush yourself to the nearest garage).

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