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Rejoice! Ford Has an All-New Media Center For All Your Gawking Needs

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Ford Media Center redesign

Are you sitting down? Are you at least somewhere approximate to a chair, preferably one with a nice cushion and some kind of lumbar support? Okay. Get ready. You’re gonna need them.

Ford Motor Company, as of Wednesday, has a brand-new, stylish Media Center website. If you love to check out the Ford Media Center and peruse through press kits to learn about the latest Ford news; look at pictures of fancy new Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs; or watch b-roll footage of those wonderful vehicles in motion, then you can now do all of that as before…only better.

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Ford Media Center redesign

Not only is all of the content available on now mobile friendly, but it’s easier to find whatever you’re looking for. Says Mark Truby, Ford’s Vice President of Communications, in his introduction to the new and improved Ford Media Center:

We expanded search capability to make it easier to browse for news by topic. Individual vehicle pages aggregate all news, multimedia assets, features and specifications onto one page. A comprehensive landing page also provides search results showing news, people, media kits, photos, videos and more—all at a quick glance. In addition, a multimedia “album” feature has been added to simply browse, select and download multiple images, including YouTube videos. Other functional improvements include quick download icons, easy access to country pages, and the ability to register for email news alerts from multiple countries.

What’s more, it’s now easier to download multiple pictures at once, as well as PDF versions of press releases. Do you feel that? That pounding in your chest? That’s joy. It’s climbing its way into your heart.

Ford Media Center redesign



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