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Repo Man Helps Elderly Buick Owners in Need

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It’s the time of year when fuzzy stories pop up all over the web of humans doing good things for each other in the name of holiday spirit. After the year we’ve had in 2016, we here at The News Wheel welcome these happy stories with open arms. One of the first ones this season involves an elderly couple, their old Buick, and the repo man sent to pick it up. You’re going to need tissues for this story, so be ready.

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Stanford and Patty Kipping of Illinois owed money on their 1998 Buick vehicle, and were making $95 payments on their loan each month to drive around town. However, recent price hikes on their prescriptions (don’t get us started on that can of worms) meant that the Kippings had to choose between their medication and making payments on their car. Both are needed for a decent quality of life, but in their case the medications are absolutely necessary, so they stopped making payments on their Buick and waited for it to be repossessed by the bank.

When Jim Ford, the repo man, came to take the car, he couldn’t believe the tough situation this couple was in, which is clearly very difficult if they were still making payments on a 1998 vehicle. After trying to appeal to the bank’s sense of humanity (we’ll wait for you to stop laughing), Ford made the decision to pay the car off so that the Kippings wouldn’t lose their connection to the outside world. Thanks to donations from fellow repo men and a GoFundMe campaign, Ford was able to pay off the $2,501 the couple owed to the bank, put $1,000 cash in the front seat of the car, and place a Thanksgiving turkey in the tow truck to deliver with the returned car. Before taking the car back, Ford and his friend even fixed up the car to help it stay running for as long as possible.

Are you misty eyed yet?

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The Kippings, who are living on a fixed income because of Mr. Kipping’s poor eyesight, described the whole incident as a miracle, and we have to agree with them.

News Source: Jalopnik