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Report: Ford Fusion Sport Wagon May Be in the Works (and Will Hopefully Be an Actual Wagon)

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Ford Focus Titanium Wagon Europe

2019 Ford Focus Wagon

Here’s an unexpected turn of events: The Ford Fusion, which is getting the chop within the next two years, may be resurrected as a sport wagon.

You know what? I don’t hate this. Not even a little bit.

Bloomberg this week posited the idea of a Ford Fusion sport wagon based on the account of two unnamed sources familiar with Ford’s product plans. According to these individuals, Ford will replace the Fusion sedan with “a high-roofed hatchback built on the same mechanical underpinnings” that would be a direct competitor for the Subaru Outback.

Ford spokesman Mike Levine would not confirm these plans, but he did say that Ford is likely to continue using the Fusion name after the sedan’s demise to play upon its brand cachet.

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Jalopnik is rightly skeptical about the idea that this sport wagon will indeed be a wagon in the literal sense. The Subaru Outback is dubbed a sport wagon but is quite a bit closer to a crossover, which suggests that the Fusion sport wagon would be more a wagon in name only.

Ford Focus Vignale Wagon Europe

The super sophisticated and fancy Ford Focus Vignale Wagon (would be perfect for America, wouldn’t it?)

From Jalopnik’s Alanis King:

The thing with “wagon” or any other term in the automotive industry is that they’re loose, to the point that some automakers try to call four-door vehicles “coupes.” A wagon could be anything from the wagon we know and love, with a low stance and stretched hatchback roof … or it could be a lifted, plastic-cladded, all-American crossover that, for some reason, has “sport wagon” in its name.

Quite frankly, Ford doesn’t even need to look far to find a handsome estate: Its newly revealed Ford Focus Wagon fits the bill just fine. In fact, if Ford wanted to port the Focus Wagon to the United States and slap a Fusion namebadge on it, that’d be perfectly fine. A wagon by any name rides just as sweet.

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News Sources: Bloomberg, Jalopnik