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RodoPot: The Mazda Miata That Doubles as a Food Truck

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2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata

If you’re familiar with food truck fare, you’ve probably seen their well-branded exteriors, streamlined kitchens, and creative cuisine. But not all mobile food vendors operate out of a giant, well-equipped trucks — sometimes, all you need is an oven strapped to the back of a Mazda Miata, and a whole lot of charisma. That’s how one enterprising young man, known as Lord Rod, has built his sweet-potato-selling empires.

Operating out of a convertible Mazda Miata NC, Lord Rod has become a fixture of Yokohama’s street food scene. Like many mobile food vendors, before he sets up shop, he tweets out his location to his legion of followers. Wherever he roams, yam fans of all ages line up to chow down on these fluffy, buttery, fresh-baked delights.

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Cooking with style

Lord Rod’s Mazda Miata

But Lord Rod’s cooking isn’t the only the factor that brought him fame. Fans adore the RodoPot, the affectionate nickname for his Miata. Although its name is a silly-sounding portmanteau of “roadster” and “potato,” the RodoPot fandom is serious business. Here’s some of the fan art — including a knitted car and a scale model, complete with little sweet potatoes in the oven.

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Even though Lord Rod has built an army of fans, those who’ve met him say he’s simply a friendly, unpretentious car enthusiast who happily poses for selfies with his diners.

Like any good entrepreneur, Lord Rod is looking to grow his business. He’s planning on hiring a few employees and building a second, pink RodoPot.

Here’s to hoping for his continued success!

What’s your favorite local food truck? Have you ever dreamed of opening a mobile restaurant? If so, what would you sell? Tell us in the comments below!

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