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Satnav Breadcrumbs Navigation Comes to US-Spec Ford Ranger

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2019 Ford Ranger FX2 Package | Satnav Breadcrumbs Navigation
Pair the Ford Ranger FX2 Package with Satnav Breadcrumbs navigation for max results
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Back in August, Ford revealed that the Ford Ranger Raptor has a Breadcrumbs feature that allows folks to track their way back to civilization when they head off-road. Good news if you’re an American who’s unfortunately probably a few years away from being able to get your own Ranger Raptor: that same feature is now available for the 2020 Ford Ranger right here in the states.

With the Satnav Breadcrumbs feature, which is now available for the Ranger XLT and Lariat as well as Ford trucks equipped with SYNC 3 navigation, satellites track your location and drop a pin every second that you’re navigating the trail. When it comes time to turn around and head back to the main road, you’ll have a trail of proverbial breadcrumbs to follow back the way you came.

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With this feature, you won’t ever have to worry being a character in one of those horror movies where you become totally lost in the woods and fall prey to a Blair Witch or a Bigfoot or whatever. And isn’t that worth it?

“Breadcrumb navigation is a simple but effective way to help drivers know exactly how to retrace their route no matter where they are,” said Ford Performance Director Leo Roeks when the feature was first announced.

Satnav Breadcrumbs will almost certainly be a feature offered with the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco and “baby Bronco,” which will both be geared toward off-road enthusiasts, as well as the next-generation Ranger Raptor rumored to be coming stateside sometime over the next few years.

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