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SEC: Ford CEO Fields Made $18.6 Million in 2014

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Mark Fields

Ford CEO Mark Fields

The tax deadline is fast approaching, which means you’ll be getting a bird’s-eye-view into how much money you made last year before and after taxes. Here’s a fair bet: chances are quite likely it wasn’t anywhere near as much as what new Ford CEO Mark Fields made.

In his first year on the job, Fields pulled down an impressive $18.6 million from Ford, earning $1.7 million in salary, $3.2 million in cash bonuses, and the rest in long-term stock options, performance equity awards and compensation for items such as security and travel, per the SEC.

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While that number is a considerable upgrade from the $10.1 million Fields made in 2013 as the COO, it’s still dwarfed by the earnings of the man he replaced. Former CEO Alan Mulally earned $23.2 million in his final year, including a $1 million salary and a $22 million compensation package that includes, among other things, a new Taurus.

In speaking with Detroit Free Press, Van Conway, CEO of management and restructuring firm Conway MacKenzie, says that the $18.6 million given over to Fields is money well spent.

“There is no question it is a lot of money,” said Conway, “[but] he has a lot of future value.”

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News Source: Detroit Free Press