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Start Writing Letters If You Want an Audi Wagon in America

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Audi RS 6 Avant performanceIt’s no secret that there are a lot of car brands and models on the market here in the United States, with vehicles and body styles that have moved away from our shores or never arrived in the first place. For instance, station wagons used to be popular here, but now suburban families prefer to drive larger SUVs and the occasional minivan. Audi has suggested that, in the case of its RS wagons, if we want them here we just have to ask nicely.

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Station wagons, also called estate cars or just wagons, are still popular overseas, especially in Europe. Every time a new one is released we get a little bit jealous, mostly because these vehicles are not what we think of as a classic station wagon. While they are just as functional, several of them are made by luxury automakers like Audi and Jaguar and have better performance than some of their sedan counterparts. We’re happy that some of them are starting to come across the pond, but the Audi models remain out of reach.

According to Jalopnik, the team at Motor Trend finally had the guts to do what the rest of us haven’t. They asked Audi America if there was any possibility for the wagons to come to America . Vice President of Product Management for Audi of America Filip Brabec told the publication that the automaker is always looking for new opportunities here, and that if people really wanted the cars on dealer lots they should “keep writing us letters.”

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Let’s just say that we just went out and bought stamps for the first time in forever. Did you?

News Source: Jalopnik and MotorTrend