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Subaru Dominates at the 2021 Sno*Drift Rally

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a Subaru WRX STI jumping a hill during the 2021 Sno*Drift Rally race
Photo: Subaru

If you’re anything like me, odds are you’ve been spending so much time inside that the outside world — and the things that once happened there — seem more like a distant memory than a consistent reality. But indeed, the world is still moving, and motorsports are in full swing. Just last week, Subaru kicked off the 2021 rally season with a seriously impressive performance at the Sno*Drift Rally, claiming both the first- and second-place spots by a comfortable margin.

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What is the Sno*Drift Rally?

As its name implies, Sno*Drift is an annual race that pits drivers against one another on difficult, snowy terrain in Michigan. In previous years, the rally took place over two days, but the 2021 event was condensed to just one. It’s currently the first race in the Rally America National Rally Championship.

A race, not a competition

Sure, on a semantic level, the 2021 Sno*Drift Rally was a competition, but Subaru’s drivers performed so well that it seemed more like a showcase. According to Subaru, well-established off-road beast Travis Pastrana and his co-pilot Rhianon Gelsomino took nine stage wins and led the team to “a dominant victory.” They were followed closely by Brandon Semenuk and John Hall, who claimed second place.

Perhaps most impressively, the third-place drivers finished a full 3 minutes after Semenuk and Hall. Well, that’s a performance-tuned WRX STI for you.

Words from winners

Following the thorough thrashing he gave the competition, Pastrana said, “Tough rally, but we got the win! The conditions were super icy, especially the later stages, but we made smart tire choices and were able to get an early lead to put ourselves in a good position to win. Rhianon did a great job on the notes, and a very strong performance from Brandon and John as well — perfect way for us to start the season!”

If you’ll excuse me, I must now talk myself out of spending money I don’t have on the Subaru WRX STI I desperately want.

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