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Subaru Launches Emotional Outback Ad Campaign

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2020 Subaru Outback from the "Moment of Silence" spot
Photo: Subaru

Only a few days ago, Subaru debuted a brand-new marketing campaign that focused on the launch of the 2020 Subaru Outback. Befitting Subaru’s environmentally-aware, family-focused, and safety-centered corporate persona, the three spots highlight the Outback’s ability to empower these ideals. They’re entitled Where the Heart is, Easy Commute, and Moment of Silence.

Three moving commercials, one worthy car: The 2020 Subaru Outback

The commercials

Where the Heart is

This spot is, ostensibly, about adventure, but there’s more under the surface. It’s about the parallel between the adventure that is raising a family and the adventure that awaits those families within our natural parks. Subaru believes that families are the heart of our communities and that our environment is the heart of our planet. To drive that point home, the ad emphasizes that Subaru is the single largest corporate supporter of the National Park Foundation.

Easy Commute

Easy Commute focuses on the dependability that Subaru brings to the table, and the lives that attribute can change every day. The 60-second video follows an Outback owner, Sherrie S., as she makes her 120-mile commute to work every day. Though the commercial doesn’t go into detail about why said commute is necessary, the reveal that she’s a committed physical education teacher and drives that far to take care of her students has a real emotional impact. Subaru closes the ad out by stating that 97 percent of Outbacks since the 2010 model year are still on the road.

Moment of Silence

If Subaru is known for only one thing, its safety. Moment of Silence takes that point and runs with it. The spot opens with a father walking around a crumpled SUV. His disembodied voice narrates the events that led to the crash as he moves around the hood to reveal an empty child’s booster in the second-row passenger seat. Then, Subaru delivers the one-two punch by immediately cutting to a whole, undamaged vehicle as the man’s daughter calls to him from the garage. He says, “she’s safe because of our first Outback, and out new one’s even safer.” It closes with the statement that the 2020 Subaru Outback is a 2020 IIHS Top Safety Pick+.

Subaru is known far and wide for its driver loyalty, exceptional safety, and long-term dependability, which has led to a hot streak of sales increases that continue to defy the current slump in the automotive industry. These commercials embody what people love about Subaru, and I suspect they’ll give the Outback a boost, especially among families.

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