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Subaru Sponsors ‘A Walk in the Park with David Vassar’

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Subaru is sponsoring the upcoming film <em>A Walk in the Park with David Vassar</em>

Subaru is sponsoring the upcoming film A Walk in the Park with David Vassar

Last month, National Parks Adventure, an IMAX documentary put together with the help of Brand USA and Subaru, premiered in select theaters across the United States. The film marks the centennial of the National Park Service and stresses the importance of our national parks.

Subaru’s foray into film won’t stop there, though. Later this month, a new film retrospective of David Vassar, called A Walk in the Park with David Vassar, will be aired at the Warner Brothers Theater in the National Museum of American History. Subaru took on a sponsorship role for the film, which will be presented as part of this year’s Environmental Film Festival. The retrospective will premiere at 3:30 pm on Saturday, March 19th.

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David Vassar is an Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated writer and director who has dedicated his career to environmental filmmaking. He got his start while still in college at the age of 19, when he shot a documentary in Yosemite that won a student film festival. From there, he went on to put together a documentary called Replenish the Earth for the Rock Creek Park Nature Center in Washington, DC in 1974; his first feature-length film came along six years later and was called Generation of the Wind, which told the story of environmentalists constructing a windmill off the coast of Massachusetts. This documentary even got an Oscar nod.

Subaru is sponsoring the upcoming film <em>A Walk in the Park with David Vassar</em>

Vassar’s work has taken him to incredible places in the American wilderness

Other films throughout his career included River in Disguise (won five Emmys), Canyon Consort, Spirit of Yosemite (“Best Special Venue Program” at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival as well as the “Outstanding Achievement in Digital Cinema” two years in a row at the Cannes Film Festival), Save Our History – Yellowstone, Discover Hetch Hetchy, and California Forever. His works have appeared on the History Channel, PBS, and more, and have been used at visitor centers for national parks, including the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center, where Spirit of Yosemite has been screened more than 60,000 times, reaching more than one million viewers.

A Walk in the Park with David Vassar will be free to the public. The film will feature clips from his journeys through several parks as well as recount stories of Vassar’s experiences during environmental filmmaking. As an added bonus, clips from his upcoming feature documentary Conspiracy of Extremes will also be screened.

“It’s been a wild ride,” remarked Vassar. “I’ve told stories about America’s great National Parks, treasured and lost landscapes, and epic conservation battles. People will protect what they love, and documentaries bring the issues, people, wildlife and landscapes home. I hope we’ve made a difference; there’s more to be done.”

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