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Teddy Bridgewater Surprises Mom with Pink Cadillac Escalade

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Former University of Louisville quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, like many other NFL-hopefuls, is gearing up for the NFL draft on Thursday. Sports fans are abuzz with talk that he may even be the number one pick. But more important to Teddy Bridgewater this week was his own mother’s birthday.

Teddy Bridgewater gives mother pink Cadillac Escalade

Teddy Bridgewater and his mother, Rose

Teddy and his mother, Rose Murphy, have always been close; he even calls her his best friend. When he was just nine years old, Teddy promised his mother that he would buy her a pink Cadillac Escalade when he made it to the NFL. It seems that Teddy didn’t forget this promise.

But the color pink now holds even more significance to Teddy and his mother than it did when the promise was originally made. Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer and battled the disease while Teddy continued to go to school and play football and also take care of her like a personal nurse. A pink Cadillac Escalade now symbolizes the battle against the cancer and the love that Teddy and Rose shared during the process.

Famous director, Spike Lee, heard of Teddy’s inspiring story of becoming a football star while taking care of his mother and decided to direct a short film about the soon-to-be NFL star. The film culminates when Teddy plans a birthday dinner for his mother (today is her birthday) and reveals that he has already gotten her that pink Cadillac Escalade, ahead of the draft, courtesy of Cadillac.

Teddy Bridgewater gives his mother the pink Cadillac Escalade

Teddy gives his mother the pink Cadillac Escalade

We could say more, but instead of spoiling it for you, we’ll just let you see for yourself. Teddy’s big surprise starts at 6:30.