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Yoga Offers Benefits to Truck Drivers

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Driving for a long time can be uncomfortable, putting strain on your muscles and fatiguing your brain. You may be willing to take on the risk for a family road trip, knowing the situation is temporary. But, for truck drivers, driving long distances for many hours at a time is a regular, if not daily occurrence!

Mother Trucker Yoga

To help truck drivers combat the physical and mental stresses of driving, yoga teacher with 17 years of experience Hope Zvara and Phil Knuckey created Mother Trucker Yoga. In 2019, Zvara took on full ownership responsibilities.

The foundation of Mother Trucker Yoga is based on small, simple changes that can reap big results in the lives of drivers. Zvara offers numerous videos of her yoga teaching, health and lifestyle advice, and instruction on her YouTube channel. Ranging in length, viewers can queue up a video for longer instruction or motivation or a short video running approximately 3-5 minutes that addresses a specific concern. There are curated playlists on the channel as well.

For access to more content, her website offers yearly and monthly memberships to her programs for a fee. And, there’s an app, too.

Drivers do not need a special studio or home gym to complete a video either. Her instruction integrates into daily life. You can do many of the videos wherever you are, at home or on the road, including at a gas station or truck stop bathroom.

Driving toward the future

Mother Trucker Yoga has set an impressive goal for its outreach. According to the website, it “wants to help 1 million drivers change lanes in their health and fitness by 2031. Whether you are a truck driver, an Uber driver, a bus driver, an Amazon driver, someone who finds themselves behind the wheel for hours a day — we want to help you.”

Exercise and movement should be a priority for all drivers. If you’re interested in how yoga can help you behind the wheel, check out Mother Trucker Yoga.