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The Most Common Tire Mistakes of Canadian Drivers

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Proper tire care and regular maintenance can help you avoid dangerous situations like a blowout, annoying predicaments like a flat tire, or costly visits to the repair shop. Unfortunately, tire care isn’t a priority for many drivers. According to a new survey by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, Canadian drivers make several common tire mistakes.

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“Findings from a recent Leger survey for the TRAC reveal, in part, that a significant number of motorists have neglected their tires during the pandemic. 18 percent say they haven’t checked tire pressure in the last year, with the worst offenders being drivers aged 35 to 44, where the figure rises to 27 percent,” reports writer Justin Pritchard.

These survey results are in direct contrast to what survey respondents said about the importance of proper tire inflation and how it affects fuel economy and emissions.

“Curiously, the survey also sees 95 percent of drivers agreeing that proper tire inflation is essential to vehicle safety. Some 91 percent understand it’s better for fuel economy, and 71 percent understand that proper tire inflation pressures lower emissions, too,” adds Pritchard.

So, drivers in Canada understand that tire care is important, but making it a part of their car maintenance routine doesn’t seem to be a priority.

Not checking tire pressure regularly is just one of the bad habits Canadian drivers have when it comes to tire care. The survey also revealed that the drivers who do check pressure are using the wrong stat when inflating their tires. Instead of referring to the owner’s manual or the data located on the door placard, which notes the proper inflation pressure, drivers are using the number on the tire sidewall, which notes the maximum pressure rating. Wear and damage are increased when driving on tires filled to the maximum pressure rating.

“Finally, 11 percent of survey respondents said they rely on visual inspections for tire pressure, which is, not surprisingly, a really bad idea,” adds Pritchard.

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Drivers should check the tire pressure on cold tires, every month, and before embarking on an extended drive like a road trip.