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The Rock Stars for Ford in ‘Meet the Team’

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The Rock The Specialists at Ford

Ford revealed earlier this month that it had acquired the services of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to lead a new advertising campaign that spotlights its service specialists. The new series of commercials would have the muscle-bound sometimes-pro-wrestler leading a team of otherwise un-muscle-bound service geniuses, including but not entirely limited to a man who has clearly fashioned his entire acting career off of the success of Jack Black.

Fake Jack Black

Now, just a few short days later—FINALLY, The Rock, HAS COME BACK to advertising.

Video: The Rock Stars in “Meet the Team”

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The first spot is pretty straightforward. The Rock introduces the viewer to two members of his team—“Doc,” who performs systems checks, and “Treads,” who is in charge of tires. This all takes place at 6:45 am, which means that Johnson has probably already run three or four miles and eaten a pound of cod.

Ford states that as-yet-unintroduced Specialists will include Slick, the oil guru, and The Maestro, who is in charge of service advising. Worth noting: The Maestro was also one of WCW’s finest wrestlers in the late ’90s.

Expect more ads in the coming weeks, and hopefully at least one chairshot followed by a People’s Elbow.

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