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These Stinky Candles Smell like Gasoline and Car Exhaust!

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There’s a reason that practically every candle created these days resembles some variation on a floral, fruity, or sugary scent: they smell pleasant. People assume that candles, by their nature, are supposed to smell this way.

But, not everyone has the same definition of what smells “good,” and might not ascribe to the traditional “Honeysuckle Pear” or “Springtime Ocean” variants. Furthermore, not everyone necessarily wants a candle that smells good; some people want to push their olfactory boundaries or appreciate scents that are out-of-the-ordinary. That’s why The Stinky Candle Co., based out of a suburb of Chicago, has created a diverse collection of wax candles that embrace real, everyday scents, such as chlorine, nacho cheese, tobacco, dill pickles, soil, money, no.2 pencils, and even urine.

A handful of these oddball scents were created for gearheads who love the smells associated with cars. These odorous candle options include motor oil, gasoline, exhaust fumes, and the smell of a new car interior.

Stink Candle Company Gearhead Package motor engine oil gasoline exhaust fumes smell giftGearheads will love the unique scents offered by The Stinky Candle Co. that evoke the experience of working in the garage, standing at a gas station, or strolling around a cruise-in. Each handmade candle utilizes precise extracts and perfumes to recreate these grimy smells. The company offers four specifically car-themed scents:

  • Motor Oil Candle
  • New Car Candle
  • Gasoline Candle
  • Exhaust-ed Candle

Each 4oz candle costs $11.99 (plus tax and shipping) individually, or the Gearhead Package—which includes the Gasoline, Exhaust-ed, and New Car candles—is $29.99, a savings of $6. They would make a great gift for Dads on Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthdays to add a distinctly aromatic to his Man Cave.  You can also keep them for yourself to remind you of the fragrant bliss of sticking your head in an engine.

Stink candles are available here.