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Toughening Up the Ford Customer Experience

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Elena Ford

Ford recently chose Elena Ford at its chief customer experience officer to improve the Ford customer experience.

The automaker continues to add millions of new customers each year in the U.S. and in other countries. While it continues to grow its customer base, Ford sees refining its channel with customers as an important way of getting returning business.

Now a year into the process, Ford and the customer experience team have a bunch of initiatives to try with its current customers.

Service on the go

Visiting a dealership for service takes time away from one’s day. With this in mind, Ford is trialing a program, involving five mobile service trucks.

Ford will come to customers via appointment to perform oil changes, tire rotations, software updates, maintenance, and recalls.

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These F-350 trucks will be in operation at Ford dealerships in Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, and California.

Ford store redesigns

Knowing that most customers have done their research and ready to buy at the dealership, Ford is revamping their showrooms to be more user-friendly.

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Malls will also offer Smart Labs, or mini outlets, that will enable shoppers to view new models and take a test drive.

Rewards program

FordPass will award customers with 42,000 reward points when they buy or lease a new car. These can then go towards the first three service appointments after purchase.

Many car companies have tried a rewards program and failed, so the approach by Ford will be interesting to watch play out.