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Two Ford Chief Engineers: Don’t Expect a Fiesta RS Any Time Soon

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2016 Ford Focus RS

Ford this week unveiled its next-generation Fiesta ST performance hatch at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, reigniting questions regarding the possibility of a Ford Fiesta RS. According to the two chief engineers who would best know whether a Fiesta RS is coming down the pike, the answers to those questions add up to a resounding nope.

AutoCar caught up with Chief Program Engineer for Ford Performance Cars and former Chief Program Engineer for Fiesta Matthias Tonn in Geneva and took the opportunity to ask about the likelihood of a Fiesta RS. Tonn responded by saying that “there was always room in the range, but we don’t develop it,” and confirming that there are no plans to add a Fiesta RS with this generation. Okay, but that’s one guy. There’s still a chance, right?

Well, CarBuzz spoke with award-winning Ford Performance Vehicle Engineering Manager and Focus RS Chief Engineer Tyrone Johnson to ask him the same question. Johnson’s response: “There simply isn’t a business case.” Ironically, after the unveiling of the Focus RS two years ago, Johnson told AutoCar that the Fiesta RS would only come to fruition “if there’s a business case and if it’s technically feasible.” Womp womp.

Johnson also added that giving the Fiesta the all-wheel drive system that makes the Focus RS such a thrill to drive is not plausible in that it “would make the car way too heavy.” Johnson did elaborate on performance specs for the next-generation Fiesta ST in that he said that there will be no elaboration on performance specs until closer to its release. So, that’s something.

The new Fiesta ST is offered with a 1.5-liter EcoBoost three-cylinder—the first time a Ford Performance vehicle has been offered with a three-cylinder engine—and is estimated to have an output of 200 PS (197 horsepower). It is scheduled to be released in early 2018; Ford has not yet specifically addressed whether the next-gen Fiesta ST will be available in the United States.

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