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Upgrading to an Aftermarket Performance Exhaust Can Make All the Difference

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2019 Hyundai Veloster hatchback car redesign generation turbo exhaust pipes

It is in our nature to want our cars to go faster, to be better and to unleash their full potential. Most cars come everything the car needs to run but dialed down for security reasons or other legal issues. However, you have the power to change it all and unleash the full capabilities of your car with just a few upgrades with aftermarket parts.

You can easily compare aftermarket parts online these days, meaning you can grab great deals. One upgrade that everyone agrees on is an exhaust system. An exhaust is more than just the noise your car makes, it is part of its lungs. Without further ado, lets have a look at how installing a performance aftermarket exhaust on your car has both its pros and its cons.

Pros of installing an aftermarket exhaust

Like with any aftermarket part you install on your car, you expect some benefits. And a new performance exhaust system is no different.

The exhaust is the escape way for gases produced by the engine. By upgrading the exhaust, you are creating an easier and better pathway for those gases to escape which, in turn, helps your engine breath easier. If your engine is breathing better, it will perform better.

Try pairing a new exhaust system with a cold air intake to make sure your engine breathes the best it can, and therefore delivers you the maximum power. This can also help with fuel consumption, by lowering it! The better your car breathes, the less fuel it will need to perform.

In addition, you get the sound. Yes, we mentioned the exhaust is more than just the sound, but it is also a benefit. Being able to be heard as you drive down the street or having an exhaust note that turns heads because it sounds like a NASCAR race car are clearly benefits.

Different exhausts by different brands offer different notes. If you can, try and hear what a new system sounds like before you buy.

Cons of an aftermarket exhaust

There aren’t that many cons really. You might get unlucky and buy an exhaust with a sound you don’t like, but that is very rare and unfortunate.

The only real two cons are, as with any larger purchase, time and money. New exhaust systems are a large purchase, and therefore have a hefty price tag. However, most people will say it is a price worth paying.

The other is how long it takes to install. But again, many people follow the instructions and are able to install the systems themselves, saving them the money and the time of taking their car to the garage.

With very little drawbacks, besides time and money, which is a drawback to any large purchase for your car, a new exhaust system is a great way to improve the performance of your vehicle.

There is a great range of exhausts and you would need to compare aftermarket parts to find the right one for your car. Once you have found the one, you will not be disappointed with the performance and new sound of your car.

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