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[VIDEO] Glowing Nissan LEAF Drives on Holland’s Glowing Highway

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Glow in the dark Nissan LEAF

We recently reported about the Nissan LEAF that glows in the dark thanks to its unique paint. In the Netherlands, there’s a stretch of “Smart Highway” in the city of Oss where the painted lines glow in the dark all night. It would seem that these two things were made for each other, and they’ve finally been brought together.

The Smart Highway is a concept for a road of the future that would be as dynamic as the weather, with the ability to change road markings and alert drivers of freezing temperatures through markings on the road surface. It would also offer an electric priority lane that would use induction charging to keep EVs powered up while using the road. The concept is focused on safety and sustainability, as a glowing road markers with dynamic lighting would eliminate the need for road lamps that generate light pollution.

The LEAF’s luminescent paint is the first of its kind, gaining its energy from the sun during the day in the same way that the Smart Highway’s glowing lines do. It was developed to promote the idea of charging the LEAF with solar panels at home, which is highly subsidized in the UK, where home owners can receive income for any extra power that their solar panels contribute to the national grid.

Thanks to our strict safety regulations in the US, the NHTSA would probably crap enough bricks to build a chimney if Nissan ever tried to drive the glowing car on American highways, for fear of inducing widespread panic or distracting passing drivers. We also wouldn’t take it anywhere near the south, where it would certainly attract all of the bugs within a 5 mile radius.