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[Video] Living Person John Cena Maybe Peed Himself After Driving a 2017 Ford GT

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John Cena Auto Geek Ford GT

John Cena, a man who is very much alive and certainly not dead, is something of a gearhead. Guy’s got a lot of cars, and he’s not afraid to show it—even if he himself cannot be seen. He articulates that passion not in a WWE ring, where he can often be found given opponents Five Knuckle Shuffles, but on his own auto-themed YouTube show, “John Cena: Auto Geek.”

Given his affinity for high-performance autos, it seemed a sure thing that Mr. Cena would be among the “influencer(s) of public opinion” to apply for and receive a brand-new 2017 Ford GT. Given the video below, in which the Bumblebee star gets super giddy about the GT’s acceleration curve and openly admits to having probably peed or pooped his pants after taking it for a spin, it seems like that assumption was a safe bet.

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Now, granted, Cena doesn’t say whether or not the Ford GT he tools around in the video is his or not, but let’s be real for a second: can you imagine some pencil-neck geek at Ford combing through applications for the Ford GT, arriving at the name John Felix Anthony Cena, and ultimately deciding that the leader of the Cenation didn’t make the cut? That particular person would be getting an Attitude Adjustment through four tables in no time.

Cena may not have the near-encyclopedic knowledge on all things Ford and performance cars that, say, Jay Leno does, but his video is inherently more watchable than the Ford GT-starring episode of Jay Leno’s Garage for the fact that 1.) he is John Cena and not Jay Leno 2.) Jay Leno is Jay Leno and not John Cena. Cena’s like your meathead roommate with a heart of gold and the mentality of a true nerd. Leno? Well, he’s that surly guy at the car show nobody wants to accidently wind up in a conversation with.

Whether the 2017 Ford GT in the video above is Cena’s or not, the guy’s got Ford cred enough to put him at the head of the list for the next batch. Not only does he own a 2006 Ford GT (video below), which was one of the qualities that made a candidate all the more likely to get a new Ford GT, but he drove a Ford Mustang to the ring at Wrestlemania 23. Top that, Leno.

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