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[VIDEO] Pissed Off Yellowstone Bison Rams a Nissan Xterra

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Yellowstone Bison

A couple visiting Yellowstone National Park in their Nissan Xterra experienced a hit-and-run from Mother Nature herself in the form of a pissed off American Bison. Thankfully they had their dash cam running the whole time. Watch what happens below when an angry buffalo challenges a Nissan head-to-head:

These fuzzy brown beasts can weigh in at up to 2,000 pounds and run as fast as 40 mph, so when they get moving you might want to get the hell out of the way. This particular buffalo did $2,787.82 worth of damage to the front of the Xterra according to the video’s poster on YouTube and walked off without harm to itself. Although the Nissan Xterra weighs over 4,000 pounds, its thin metal hood and plastic grille proved to be no match for a furious furry ball of muscle and bone.

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Nissan Xterra

American Bison: 1
Nissan: 0

With so many other cars in the vicinity, it makes you wonder why the Xterra was the target of this hoofed assault.  Maybe that huge V-shaped grille was confused for a set of horns, urging the bison to greet it with its own head, but in a “Get off my land” sort of way. They were here first, after all, and likely still take offense to the belief of manifest destiny.

According to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, there were an average of 15.5 wildlife vehicle collisions involving Yellowstone bison every year between 2000-2012, so perhaps this one had enough and decided to even the odds.

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