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Volkswagen NAIAS Display: Golf R, Dune, and a Secret Dungeon?

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Volkswagen NAIAS Display: Golf R

The newly unveiled Golf R

After having spent too much time in Kialand with the babbling photographer, Marci and I felt rushed. Plus it was nearly three o’clock and our stomachs were grumbling for overpriced Cobo food, so we didn’t spend as much time looking at the people’s cars as we would have liked. There was even a secret dungeon display (okay, so it was just a few extra displays in the basement, but a secret dungeon display would have been much cooler, VW) that we didn’t even bother checking out.

We did, however, get to check out the all-new Golf R, the most powerful Golf to hit American roadways yet. This baby is so fast that it hits 62 mph in just 5.3 seconds.

Also on display was the new Dune Beetle, bearing the same gold color as the M4 over in the BMW section, although it was much more flattering on the Beetle than the Beamer. The Dune’s turbocharged, direct-injected TSI® 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine lays down 210 horsepower, making it much more aggressive than your everyday Beetle (car and bug).

We also checked out the e-Golf, which was sporting a striking blue color and was hooked up to a charging station, soaking up the electricity as we watched.

Volkswagen NAIAS Display: e-Golf

Under the hood of the e-Golf


Volkswagen NAIAS Display: e-Golf

The e-Golf charging

I also wanted to get a couple shots under the hood of the Jetta TDI, so Marci bravely (but unsuccessfully) attempted to pry open the hood. Eventually one of the stiletto-d models, who was apparently a celebrated mechanic in another life, came over and with one quick direction, helped Marci open it in less than a second. We snapped our shots of the diesel technology and, still hungry, shuffled along with the growing crowd toward the Porsche display.

Volkswagen NAIAS Display: Jetta TDI

A look at the Passat TDI


Volkswagen NAIAS Display: Jetta TDI

Under the hood of the Passat TDI

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