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Watch the Nissan Rogue take on the ‘Star Wars’ Empire

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Nissan’s ad for the new Rogue takes on the galaxy

The Nissan Rogue is gearing up for some serious publicity as it prepares to partner with the latest film in the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We have seen a teaser poster, and Nissan informed the world that there would be a special edition Nissan Rogue unveiled at the upcoming LA Auto Show. This week, we were gifted with a new Nissan commercial that ties in elements of the Star Wars universe without giving any spoilers for the upcoming film.

The ad opens on a red Nissan Rogue starting testing at a facility in the desert. As it begins its route around the track, we see engineers in a high-tech facility (as in Star Wars tech, not  stuff from here on Earth) turn on a simulation to make the course more difficult. The woman behind the wheel now has to evade TIE fighters shooting at her, as well as large AT-AT Walkers and stormtroopers.

As she dodges obstacles with ease, the Nissan Rogue helps her, activating the Forward Emergency Braking system with pedestrian detection, which stops the car before she hits a droid crossing the street.

I understand that the Nissan Rogue being used in publicity for this partnership is red because that’s the color Nissan traditionally uses to promote the vehicle, but hopefully the special edition vehicle isn’t the vibrant hue. Every Star Wars fan knows that the bad guys of the movies love red, from their lightsabers to the Emperor’s guards. A safer choice would be a sleek black or grey, and of course it would go a long way towards making this vehicle look even more like a spaceship.