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“We Rep the Southside” is the Worst Car Commercial of the Year

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This ad for an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada dealership is about the worst thing they could have done...and that says a lot about a place that sells Mitsubishis.

WARNING: Things are gonna get really dumb from here on in.

There is something to be said for things that are so bad, they’re good. The freestyle of Eli Porter, the films of Ed Wood, every Nicolas Cage role since 2006, these are all pretty sterling examples. Each is a thing that has almost no redemptive quality in terms of merit, and yet there’s something so oddly charming and arresting that you can’t help but love it for having the audacity to be what it is. Then there are things like this local advertisement/rap video/embarrassment, humbly submitted to us by Southside Mitsubishi of Canada, entitled “We Rep the Southside.”

Ugh. This is what you might call so bad it’s terrible.

“We Rep the Southside” features Nelson Berry, seen mugging above in a manner that would make Jerry Lewis roll over in his cryostasis chamber. Berry is presumably the advertising figurehead of Southside Mitsubishi in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; he is not listed as being an actual member of the dealership’s sales, service, or parts team. He did, however, star in this video, which intends to…I don’t know…appeal to human beings in some way?

We Rep the Southside

So Canadian it hurts.

From what we can speculate, based upon his self-proclamation of being “the big boss, big spender,” Berry may well be the owner of Southside Mitsubishi. The fact that the man has all of his money tied up in a dealership that provides Canada with some of the world’s most yawn-worthy cars is certainly enough to create the kind of mania that might lead one into thinking creating an ad like “We Rep the Southside” is a good idea.

What we can confirm: he looks quite a bit like former Weekend Update host Colin Quinn.

We Rep the Southside

Only we were sad when Colin Quinn got fired. Cutting this guy loose might be a mercy killing.

Berry has all of the finesse of your 73-year-old-grandfather trying his damnedest to understand and emulate what the raps that these kids are listening to these days are all about, and he’s certainly right up there alongside Snow as one of the worst things Canada has contributed to the hip-hop genre.

“We Rep the Southside” is inarguably Southside Mitsubishi’s worst advertisement to date, which says something for a dealership whose other commercials play on such hilarious tropes as losing a loved one in an accident and the pain of child birthSeriously, just try to watch all three minutes of that thing. You’ll never be the same.

If you can’t, and I certainly don’t blame you if you are incapable of getting through the whole thing, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version.

A brief checklist of reasons why “We Rep the Southside” makes Puff Daddy look like a poet laureate:

We Rep the Southside

Mamma shoulda knocked him out.

Ridiculous outfit that assumes the style of hip-hop never evolved past LL Cool J? Check.

We Rep the Southside

This is how you look cool, right?

Seemingly incessant hand gestures? Check.

We Rep the Southside

“Height-adjustable HIDs when the fog’s out/panoramic glass–woof–who let the dogs out?”

Totally inexplicable “Who Let the Dogs Out?” reference? Relevant.

We Rep the Southside


Totally inexplicable crotch shot? Of course.

We Rep the Southside

Oh, I get it, it’s because he’s terrible.

Totally inexplicable nipple exposure? Sure.

We Rep the Southside

“You got a hotter ride? You can kiss my ass” – World’s Greatest Salesman Ever.

Trying to start a beef with other dealerships? Check.

We Rep the Southside

The S stands for schadenfreude.

Cheeky use of gang signs? Yep.

We Rep the Southside

Oh dear.

Slapping the ass of a car? Uh-huh.

We Rep the Southside

We’ve officially hit the bottom of the barrel here.

Twerking? Twerking.

We Rep the Southside


So many ridiculous faces? All of them.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mitsubishi dealership commercial without one key ingredient: lots of shots of boring-ass Mitsubishis.

We Rep the Southside

Can’t decide which one is more unappealing…

Congratulations, Southside Mitsubishi. “We Rep the Southside” is arguably one of the most ridiculous commercials I’ve seen since the Montgomery, Alabama flea market ad.

We Rep the Southside


It’s mildly offensive, completely out of touch, and unbelievably ridiculous.

Still a better contribution to the internet than PewDiePie.