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What is EcoBoost?

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What is EcoBoost?

What is EcoBoost?

When exploring new Ford vehicles, the Ford EcoBoost engine option is often available on our favorite cars. Although we may know that these engines are more fuel efficient and maybe a little more powerful, but what is EcoBoost, anyway?

The ecological and economic benefits of a hybrid car sound great, but it may not be the exact type of car every customer is looking for. That’s why Ford developed EcoBoost technology. It helps to bring the benefits of hybrid technology to the standard gas-powered vehicle.

Engines with EcoBoost technology are designed to deliver as much horsepower and torque as standard engines, while increasing fuel efficiency by 20 percent and reducing greenhouse emissions by 15 percent.


Ford is constantly developing their EcoBoost engines in order to optimize power even more while increasing efficiency and reducing emissions. When searching for a new car with power, efficiency, space and comfort, a Ford vehicle with EcoBoost technology may be the perfect option.

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