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When is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Car from Hyundai?

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Buying a car can be nerve-racking, not just for the sales negotiation experience, but for the sheer magnitude of such a purchase. You want to be sure you’re buying the right car for a reasonable price.

As a reliable automaker, Hyundai offers a line of trustworthy vehicles at competitive prices. There are, however, better times than others to buy a Hyundai vehicle during the year. If you are in the market for a new Hyundai vehicle, you might want to time your negotiation and purchase to coincide with one of these times to take advantage of lower-than-average prices.

Current Incentives: Look up current incentives on Hyundai models

Memorial Day week: Hyundai’s typical military incentive rate often doubles around Memorial Day, so it’s a great time for service men and women to buy a new Hyundai. Some dealerships even run Memorial Day sales for all shoppers.

March: Each year during March, Hyundai typically runs a sale to start making room for next-year models. In years past, they’ve been called the Spring Cleaning Sales Event and the Seize the Moment Sales Event.

December: Hyundai typically has its Hyundai Holiday Sales Event, an end-of-year sale on its new models, during the final weeks of December.

Mondays: According to, the average discounts on a new car at most dealerships is highest on Mondays.

After you graduate college: Those who’ve graduated college in the past two years and have proof of current employment can show their diploma and get a discount on a Hyundai vehicle.

Throughout the year: Certain models receive bonus cash or lease discounts each month. You can track the current deals at

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