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2014 Jeep Cherokee Ad Capitalizes on What It Does Best: Storytelling

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2014 Jeep Cherokee ad

Introducing the all-new Jeep Cherokee. These are the last words heard in the first commercial for the newly launched advertising campaign for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The campaign, entitled “Built Free,” relies on the story-telling for which Jeep has become known.

With its nostalgia-inducing scenes and references to freedom, you can be sure Jeep’s latest commercial, aptly named “Manifesto,” is pulling on the heart strings of its viewers.

The commercial – which features a walk down memory lane for business men and women back to a time when their lives were less dictated and more adventurous – is a call to return to those days of freedom with the vehicle that makes it possible.

And who doesn’t love freedom?

The vehicle itself is not overtly highlighted throughout the commercial. Rather, the consumers, for which the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee is intended, are.

Kim Adams-House, Jeep advertising director, spoke with Forbes’ contributor Dale Buss about the campaign. She said the new Jeep ad “tells a human story that connects with consumers emotionally and resonates with them personally.”

She also mentioned forthcoming commercials that will detail the Jeep’s features including its nine-speed transmission, the first in its segment, as well as fuel efficiency and the quality of the ride.

So, we ask you: Did Jeep get the story right? Does the new commercial have you looking forward to the freedom the 2014 Jeep Cherokee has to offer?