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2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label Rhapsody Theme: It’s Blue (Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die)

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2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label Rhapsody Theme

George Gershwin’s 1924 pcomposition Rhapsody in Blue is, without question, an American musical masterpiece. Clearly, the folks over at Lincoln like it quite a lot, as could be evinced from the Rhapsody theme available as part of its Black Label package for the 2017 Lincoln Continental. Because, you see, Rhapsody is all about blue. Get it?

“Rhapsody takes a bit of our Lincoln heritage, our signature blue, and modernizes it,” says David Woodhouse, design director, The Lincoln Motor Company. “It’s soft, it’s beautiful, and it’s truly inspiring.”

If you are not truly, truly inspired, then get ready to drink that inspiration in through your face mouth. Marcia Salzberg, Lincoln’s senior designer for color and materials, confirms that her team listened to Gershwin’s classic composition while planning out the theme.

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2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label Rhapsody Theme

“I just thought, ‘That’s so representative of our lives today,’” said Salzberg. “It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have—you have joys in life, you have those high crescendo points and yes, you have some lows. We felt it simply captured the tempo of life for the Lincoln client.”

Yeah, man, I totally feel you. I get that same way anytime I listen to Buckcherry songs. It’s…like…it’s like, you know, we all have one life to live, you know? And, you know, maybe we’re not all rich or whatever, but…hey, wait a minute. If you’re driving a Lincoln, don’t you have, like, money? Especially if you’re driving like a new one? Especially if you are driving a new one with like some fancy package or whatever? ARE YOU SOME KINDA NARC OR SOMETHING, MAN?

Sorry, man. I just get that way when I haven’t had my snacks, you know?

Salzberg and her team also drew inspiration from Lincoln’s historical reliance on blue as a signature color, from “how day fades into night, how the sky gets so soft and velvety,” and also from custom business suits. Because nothing says “it doesn’t matter how much money you have” quite like drawing inspiration for the color of your luxury sedan with a starting MSRP of $63,075 from fancy tailored suits. Hashtag inspired!

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