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2020 Lincoln Aviator Debuts Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview

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2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is already establishing itself after a short time on the market thanks to the incredible output of its Grand Touring plug-in hybrid variant (so much torque!) and a super-popular commercial starring Matthew McConaughey. In all the furor surrounding the arrival of the Aviator, one detail that’s gotten less attention is the first application of Lincoln’s Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview.

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This technology uses 12 sensors to constantly monitor the vehicle’s motion, movement, and driver inputs, reading the road 500 times a second and delivering a ride so buttery smooth that Paula Deen might try to use it in some heart attack-inducing concoction.

Watch: Aviator Debuts Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview

Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview uses a front-facing camera to judge the height of the road ahead up to 50 feet, helping the Aviator prepare for speed bumps and various other dips and rises in the asphalt. That information and the information from the dozen sensors feed the software, enabling the Aviator to adjust to the conditions around you up to 100 times per second.

“Not every journey is smooth,” said Lincoln Vehicle Dynamics Technical Specialist David Russell. “But we can make the ride more refined so you can just sit back and enjoy it all.”

Even more refined is the Aviator’s available Air Glide Suspension, which swaps guided air springs for the conventional coil springs to provide superior balance and buoyancy. This suspension is capable of lowering upon approach, making it easier to get in, while the available Aero Height setting ensure optimal performance at cruising speeds.

With the Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview or Air Glide Suspension, the Aviator promises one of the more sophisticated driving experiences in the segment. As Matthew McConaughey might say, that’s better than alright, alright, alright.

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