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4 Tips for Safely Trying Out the Habit of Hypermiling

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gas pump refuel tank car empty
Hypermiling can help reduce your car’s fuel usage so you can save on gas and curb emissions
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If you’re not familiar with hypermiling, it’s the practice of driving a vehicle while using the least amount of fuel. Per HowStuffWorks contributor Cherise Threewitt, drivers who observe this habit usually do so for frugal or environmental reasons — or both.

Interested in trying out hypermiling? Some techniques are safer on your vehicle than others. Here are a handful of strategies to follow as you experiment with this unique driving habit.

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1. Use minimal electricity

cell phone charger cord cable cup holder
In-vehicle phone charging can lower your vehicle’s mileage
Photo: The News Wheel

It might seem drastic, but serious hypermilers will often turn off the air-conditioning system and refrain from tapping into their vehicle’s electricity to boost mileage. Even using your car to charge your smartphone can take a toll on efficiency. This practice lowers your car’s MPG by 0.03 miles, as Jalopnik’s Jason Torchinsky claims.

2. Leverage cruise control

When driving long distances, use cruise control, as Threewhitt recommends. It’s a convenient way to accelerate and decelerate smoothly, which in turn, saves fuel.

3. Minimize pit stops and idling

Road Trip Map
Before a road trip, map out the route with the fewest stops to improve mileage
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Map out a road-trip route well in advance of your planned departure date and pick the one with the fewest stops. Per Threewitt, stopping your car is a big waste of fuel. And when possible, avoid idling in parking lots, as Threewitt suggests.

4. Keep your car clean and light

Remove any clutter from your vehicle’s interior, since every object you eliminate will help reduce your ride’s overall weight, as Threewhitt confirms. If your car has roof racks or any other exterior accessories that you don’t use every day, consider removing these gadgets and storing them in your garage. This will further reduce the vehicle’s drag and improve efficiency.

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By applying these simple tips, you’re well on your way to reducing your vehicle’s fuel consumption, so you can save some cash and feel good about helping out Mother Earth. Learn more about how smart car tech reduces a vehicle’s annual gas usage. Then check out these nifty apps that help track mileage and expenses as you learn the ropes of hypermiling.