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5 Car Accessories to Make Winter Commutes Suck Less

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Some people enjoy driving in winter weather and staying outside as much as possible to enjoy the chillier air and — for many states in the U.S. — snowfall.

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Others just can’t wait till spring comes, as they shiver through their daily routine and burrow into blankets whenever they get the chance.

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Whichever category you fall into, there are some simple ways to make commutes more enjoyable. Consider buying one or more of these five accessories for a more cozy, therapeutic driving experience as we ride out the rest of winter. 

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Heated Steering Wheel Cover – $20.99

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Say goodbye to numb fingers with this warm steering-wheel cover. Simply plug it into your USB port to activate the heating function and regain the feeling in your hands so you can steer more safely and precisely even on the chilliest of days. 

Electric Blanket – $29.99

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Just because you’re not home very often doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of its simple comforts. This cozy blanket is sure to make frigid morning drives more pleasant. Plug this bad boy into your car’s power outlet and revel in the luxurious warmth. 

Aromatherapy Vent Clips – $11.98 

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Turn your vehicle’s cabin into a mini-spa when you buy this two-piece aromatherapy vent-clip set. It comes 12 replacement felt pads so you can use different essential oils fairly frequently whenever you want to change the scent. 

Heated Travel Mug – $19.79 

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Make cold coffee a thing of the past when you invest in this nifty heated travel mug. Available in blue or orange, it can hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite warm beverage and comes with a 12-volt adapter that plugs into your car’s power outlet. 

Bluetooth Adapter – $16.99 

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Listen to your favorite playlists to take your mind off of the cold temperatures with this helpful Bluetooth audio adapter. You can also answer and make phone calls with the press of a button, so you can stay in touch with loved ones and work contacts while keeping your hands safely on the wheel. 

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