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5 Classic Nameplates That Jeep Could Use for Its New Vehicles

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Jeep could use the long-standing heritage of its brand to promote its future lineup with these five classic nameplates

2016 Jeep Patriot Front End
Any one of these Jeep nameplates could resurrect nostalgic memories of the off-road brand
Photo: Jeep

Jeep recently shocked the automotive world when it announced that it was adding a pickup truck to its automotive lineup. When this truck was finally revealed, it carried a classic Jeep nameplate: Gladiator.

The Jeep Gladiator moniker isn’t the only classic Jeep vehicle name that the off-road brand could possibly resurrect. Indeed, Jeep could generate quite a bit of interest and traction by bringing back these five Jeep nameplates.

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2017 Jeep Patriot
Photo: Jeep

Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot only just recently left the Jeep lineup, replaced by the brand-new Jeep Compass. Still, that doesn’t mean Jeep has to indefinitely retire the nameplate.

Compact crossovers are continuously a sought-after segment. Jeep could always benefit from resurrecting the Patriot nameplate a few years down the line if it wishes to capitalize on market trends.

Jeep Liberty

The Jeep Liberty was another compact SUV in Jeep’s lineup, running for five model years between 2008 and 2013. Still, too many cooks will spoil the broth, and with the Compass and Patriot already in Jeep’s lineup, the Liberty was ultimately unnecessary.

Of course, the Liberty nameplate still has value on its own. Evoking patriotic images, this moniker could reflect Jeep’s decision to build more models in the U.S.A.

Photo: Jeep

Jeep Scrambler

When rumors of a Jeep pickup truck first emerged, most automotive enthusiasts though that it would bear the Scrambler nameplate, which one of Jeep’s historic trucks once bore. Ultimately, Jeep decided to call its pickup the Gladiator.

That doesn’t mean the Scrambler title is out of the question for Jeep. Whether for a special edition trim or its own model, the Scrambler name has a high chance of reemerging at some point in Jeep’s future.  

Photo: Jeep

Jeep Comanche

Much like with the Cherokee nameplate, the Jeep Comanche name comes from a tribe of American Indians. While historically used for one of Jeep’s pickup trucks, this naming convention could reflect a connection to the Cherokee line as a whole.

A vehicle bearing the Comanche name could potentially be based on the Cherokee’s platform. Whether that vehicle would be a pickup truck or another SUV would ultimately be up for Jeep to decide.

Photo: IFCAR

Jeep Commander

Several automotive markets still carry a Jeep with the Commander name in their available vehicle lineups. China just recently received a Grand Commander SUV.

The U.S. market could also receive a new Jeep Commander at some point in the future. Many Jeep enthusiasts are constantly asking for a larger, three-row Jeep SUV model, and the Commander name would be a perfect fit for a vehicle in this segment.

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As Fiat Chrysler’s most successful brand, the future looks bright for Jeep. As it adds more vehicles to its lineup, it could always look to the past for inspiration.